Welcome to the exciting world of Potential Records

We aim to be at the forefront of popular music, and to bring you the public, the best in all genres of music.

Our Ethos

We at Potential Records believe people SHOULD pay for music, BUT we don't believe that albums should cost what they do today. (We believe they are far too expensive and dont represent value for your hard earned money). Also most Albums (in our humble opinion) has maybe one or two good tracks and the rest consists of "Album fillers" a practice that we will try never to do (hence why so many people download illegally).

We at Potential believe the public demands good music and we will do our best to cater for that ALWAYS.

We also disagree with the MANUFACTURED ACTS (person or persons with little or no talent signed maybe because he or she looks good). We believe in showcasing talent regardless what the person looks like. Finally music is our opinion an enjoyable thing. So we will try never to have derogatory lyrics/swearing or lyrics inciting violence on any of our products

With that aside click now to enter the wonderful world of Potential Records